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Visual Identity & Brand Management

Creation, Development, Implementation and Sustainability are the most common challenges for any brand owner. We can help you build your brand from conception & strategic planning, through launch & transition to care and evaluation. We will work with you on all or part of the brand identity construction phases.

Our goal is to help you realize the importance and value of your brand in its entirety.


We believe that the way a company manages its Visual Identity is a tangible reflection of the way

it manages its business. 

Visual identity (VI) is the visual impression that a brand creates. In the event that a brand's visual identity is not managed properly, there will be an immense scope for brand dilution and disarray. Success is realized when the target audience consistently experiences all aspects of an organization's brand. A well-managed visual identity becomes a way of life for employees.


In the case where you don't already have a visual identity for your brand, we will guide you through the creation, development and implementation of VI::

  • LOGO DESIGN: The first and most important step to creating your VI

  • BRAND COLORS & CONTEXT: Come up with suitable colors and context that will precisely relay the feel and ethos of the brand. This also includes typography (Fonts), and brand literature (If any)

  • BRAND COLLATERALCreation of brand materials like business cards, letterheads, brochures and the like. 

  • IMPLEMENTATION: implementation of new or revised visual identity across all brand carriers. 

  • FINAL SIMULATIONS: And finally we will (together with client) Run comprehensive brand simulations & scenarios from concept to delivery in order to achieve optimum results.


This part is where we manage a client's Brand and Visual Identity::

  • CONSULTATION: We have regular consultation & strategy meetings with our clients.

  • VISUAL COMMUNICATION: We handle most of the graphic design needs of the client as part of the package. We also give our professional advice on how the client's brand should be represented visually across all platforms

  • FACILITATIONWe help facilitate a wide range of things for our client - Advertisement & Marketing, Brand OR Product campaigns and Partnerships with other brands  

  • SOCIAL MEDIA: Manage social media accounts;

  • PRINTING: Discount on all printing for client's brand. 


We invest time in understanding current and future VI needs, so we can help identify potential improvements to ensure optimum performance of brand::

  • PERCEPTION AUDIT: Assess how the visual identity is perceived by people

  • (VISUAL IDENTITY AUDIT) V.I AUDIT: Conduct VI audit to measure how consistent brands are across all carriers

  • PREPARATION: Assess the current brand carriers for diversity, quality and implications for change or modifications

  • ARCHITECTURE: Review naming architecture and communications, in the context of brand roll out programs

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